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undertherainbow provides tailored advisory and technical assistance services; develops strategies for change and facilitates strategic processes; undertakes reviews and evaluations; and provides specialist research, learning and knowledge services in the international social change sector.

Our work, as a social change practice, is informed by a commitment to just and inclusive societies, an openness to innovative thinking and doing, and a valuing of respectful engagement to achieve meaningful, ethical and sustainable change interventions. We infuse creativity and strive to engage holistically in everything we do.

We are based in South Africa and work locally, regionally and globally, with hands-on experience in countries ranging from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe.

who we are



Sarita Ranchod and Sonja Boezak form the core undertherainbow team. We've been collaborating for more than twenty years and value connecting dots, thinking and crafting strategically, making lateral connections,

and bringing energy and compassion to how we approach what we do.

what we do



We provide tailored services for crafting transformative change; co-develop change strategies; and support processes of positive social change through strategic facilitation, technical assistance, accompaniment, and experiential learning.

how we work



We foreground listening attentively; recognising each person's voice, agency, dignity and their innate capacity for creativity.We, as undertherainbow, understand that we are all experts at our own lives, in how we engage with people and organisations, to get to the heart of the matter, whatever it may be.   

what other people have to say...

"Thank you for your patient and calm guidance. Fantastic work!"

"Your approach has opened up so many new possibilities for us. Thank you!"

"Your commitment to the depth of knowledge we forget we have is truly impressive."

"Your calm presence and composure makes it easy for us to feel the truth that 'the personal is political'."

"Your facilitation approach is unlike any we've come across. It helps us go beyond staid ways of doing, making the work we do personal to us. We need more!"

"You have shown us what great leadership is. Thank you for guiding the way so gently."

".You are excellent facilitators! You steer us and accompany us through difficult waters with compassion."  

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