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evaluations and reviews


We review and evaluate social change interventions, with a keen understanding of results and outcomes-based approaches, matched with an understanding of systems change. We consider change at the individual, household, community, organisational and broader societal levels, including changes in knowledge, awareness, attitudes, beliefs and practices, and changes at the policy, legal and institutional levels, including public spheres and policy-influential spaces.

We employ participatory and inclusive approaches, informed by feminist, human rights and equity-based influences. We consider evaluations and reviews as strategic opportunities for learning and reflection; to ensure past experience continually informs improved future practice.

We support organisations to focus on what they truly wish to change, and to develop realistic and creative strategies for achieving desired change objectives.


We support organisations and initiatives to better embody their transformative values and principles by bridging the gap between commitment and  action, in an intentional and accountable manner. We craft experiential learning processes, including courageous conversations, to build more consciously inclusive and equitable cultures.




We undertake specialist research including participatory, feminist and evaluative assignments across multiple sectors. 

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