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strategic facilitation


We practice listening with integrity in how we approach facilitating strategic  processes, reflections and strategy development. We support organisations to focus on what they truly wish to change, and to develop realistic and creative strategies for achieving desired change objectives.


We integrate well-being and creativity into how we facilitate reflecting, thinking and planning, to intentionally process and release experiences that hold us back, and to open up space for open, creative thinking and planning with clarity and purpose. We are skilled at 'holding' difficult spaces, discussions and processes constructively to ensure all participants feel heard, valued, respected and included.

strategic facilitation




We analyse, design, and evaluate various kinds of development interventions with a keen understanding of results and outcomes-based approaches.




We undertake specialist research including participatory, feminist and evaluative assignments across multiple sectors. 

In developing knowledge and learning resources, we consider the needs of those most likely to use the tools to ensure appropriateness and usefulness.

editing & writing

We offer specialist editing and writing services to document lessons learned and good practices, reports, knowledge resources, policy documents and articles for professional publication.

Our areas of capacity support include strengthening M&E and strategic communications proficiencies, practical application of policies and technical and advisory functions.