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what we do


We are committed to finding context-appropriate, innovative and creative strategies for solving complex challenges, and in measuring and striving for positive social change. Our approaches privilege listening to people in their own voices, including historically marginalised voices and perspectives.


We work to understand ‘real world’ social and cultural realities and challenges, drawing on the best lessons of our accumulated cultures, heritages, herstories and histories, combined with using newer (and older) tools, technologies and approaches for engaging with social challenges.


We provide a range of services in the following thematic areas:

  • Gender Justice

  • Persistent Inequalities

  • Women and Girls' Rights & Empowerment

  • Social Inclusion

  • Gender-Based Violence

  • Sexuality and Rights

  • Civic Voice & Engagement


  • Socio-Economic Development

We support organisations to focus on what they truly wish to change, and to develop realistic and creative strategies for achieving desired change objectives.


We analyse, design, and evaluate various kinds of development interventions with a keen understanding of results and outcomes-based approaches




We undertake specialist research including participatory, feminist and evaluative assignments across multiple sectors. 

In developing knowledge and learning resources, we consider the needs of those most likely to use the tools to ensure appropriateness and usefulness.

editing & writing

We offer specialist editing and writing services to document lessons learned and good practices. We also develop policy documents and knowledge resources.

We strengthen gender; social inclusion; strategic communications and M&E proficiencies. We also provide advisory and technical assistance services to translate policies into practice, or to develop policies, and strengthen practice.